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P. M. Kearns
“Every Child Deserves a Champion, and IN TUMBLE'S WORLD you will find those champions." ~ Bob Danzig
“Educators, and advocates for child services and the responsible care of the Earth: take note. Any book that piques a young reader's interest in the protection of one another and their planet while building confidence and modeling respectful relationships is in the best interests of a nation. 
- Bob Danzig is an author, speaker, former CEO of the Hearst Newspaper Group for 27 years, and Dean of Hearst Management Institute. He grew up in five foster care homes.
“Bullying is a serious topic that knows no bounds. It even shows up within the idyllic surroundings of IN TUMBLE’S WORLD." 
“Parents and teachers who visit the charm of this clever book will find that it comforts the spirit while unexpectedly capturing the heart of the matter. IN TUMBLE’S WORLD is a classic, and should be read by every middle school student. As a former D.A.R.E. instructor, I highly recommend it.”
- Everett A. Boswell, MA, is an Emergency Services Specialist for crisis counseling in York County, Va. He retired as a Prince George’s County police officer after 23 years.

"IN TUMBLE’S WORLD unmasks the social issue of Bullying--and leads children of all ages to a timeless refuge from the stress of daily life where they, too, can discover their own world.”
“This gal lovingly took care of her mother ‘round-the-clock for ten years. During that time Patty published a book to help strengthen our nation’s 54 million family caregivers. Now, she brings forth a 38-year-old manuscript about a lost local wilderness that carries with it her own signature blend of observation and inspiration." ~Loretta Weinberg, NJ State Senator, District 37
“Year after year, as my middle grade students learn to appreciate and protect the wilderness preserve in their own hometown, they’ve listened with rapt attention to the memorable chapters of IN TUMBLE’S WORLD. The Old Raven’s misspelled phonetic family names get them laughing in their seats, but they still want to know if Tumble will ever see Lovely again, his beautiful beloved star…”

- Educator Jillian Long has received the New Jersey Governor’s Recognition for Teacher of the Year, along with a national science award and other acknowledgements.

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The destruction of a neighborhood wilderness, the onslaught of bullies, and a transformational leader who emerges in the midst of their losses...
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